Washington Daycare Center Under Investigation for Waxing Eyebrows


Two outraged mothers have accused a daycare center in Washington after their children allegedly had their eyebrows waxed without the parents’ permission.

When 19-year-old Alyssa Salgado collected her two-year-old daughter from the kindergarten, she noticed a red mark in between her girl’s eyebrows.

She thought it may have been a scratch at first, but on closer inspection the concerned mother realised that hairs had been removed.

Salgado shared her story on Facebook, posting before-and-after images of her daughter’s eyebrows to highlight the difference.

In just a few days the post was shared over 19,000 times and Salgado received hundreds of supportive comments from other parents.  

A second mom has since accused the very same facility of the same offence. Glenda Maria Cruz also shared her story on Facebook, noting that the incident made her feel  like she was unable to protect her son.

Columbia Basin College, where the daycare is based, released a statement saying the allegations are being looked at seriously, while Washington State Department of Early Learning is also carrying out a separate investigation.

Officials say the investigation is likely to be completed within 30 days, KEPR-TV reports.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

Washington Daycare Center Under Investigation for Waxing Eyebrows

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