Twitterati Puts on the Dog as Chinese Lunar New Year Kicks Off


Today, on February 16, which marks the start of a new 2018 year in line with the lunar eastern calendar, social networks erupted with congratulatory posts and super cute images of pooches, symbolic in the new Dog year.

As it is the so-called Yellow Dog that symbolizes the 2018 year, Internet users can hardly help sharing  their bow-wow pics, which, they hope, will deliver the best possible wishes to their relations and friends … or will even challenge those posted by the latter.

Indeed so, as the pooch competition seems to have been long under way on Twitter at least:


Ugh, it’s really difficult to resist the temptation of stroking these furry cuties, even more so on such a dog-related festive occasion:

Many choose humorous captions to accompany their videos and pics, no less funny at times:

But some, however, opt for images way hotter:  

Spectacular events that mark the new lunar year gain pretty much attention on Twitter as well:

And even pandas, Chinese landmark furry creatures, rejoice:

Twitterati Puts on the Dog as Chinese Lunar New Year Kicks Off

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