Trump Wants to ‘Get Tough’ After US Athlete Killed By Illegal Immigrant


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that Democratic lawmakers must get tougher on border security and illegal immigration after an undocumented immigrant killed an American football player in a drunk driving crash.

Trump expressed discontent of Democratic lawmakers and suggested to significantly restrict immigration policy amid Indiana homicide involving immigrant.    

Alex Gonsales, a Guatemalan citizen who was illegally in the United States, hit and killed Jackson and his driver on Sunday morning in the US state of Indiana, Indiana State Police stated on Monday.

Gonsales had been deported from the US on two previous occasions, in 2007 and 2009, the statement said.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Monday said Gonsales also had a previous conviction for drunk driving in the US state of California, as well as other criminal misdemeanor convictions in both California and Indiana.

The Trump administration blamed the Democratic Party for the project breakdown, alleging that Democrats hampered the immigration reform which was a foundation of Trump’s electoral program. The Democrats are seeking to protect the DACA program intended to defend the so-called “dreamers” — migrants, who arrived in the US as children, whilst Trump’s immigration reform was trying to change it in order to prevent uncontrolled immigration.


Trump Wants to ‘Get Tough’ After US Athlete Killed By Illegal Immigrant

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