Texas AG, His Wife Travelled to Utah as Winter Storm Raged in Lone Star State

The state’s attorney general is not the first politician to leave the Lone Star state amid last week’s blizzard that raged across the central United States, but mainly affecting Texas. Earlier, state Senator Ted Cruz faced a “firestorm” of criticism after his trip to Mexican Cancun in the middle of the winter storm crisis.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, accompanied by his wife, state Senator Angela Paxton, travelled to Utah last week while his home state was being ravaged by a massive snow storm, according to what Paxton’s campaign spokesman Ian Prior told The Dallas Morning News on Monday.

According to the spokesman, the trip was “planned” and involved a meeting of Paxton with his Utah counterpart, Attorney General Sean Reyes, the goal of which was to discuss issues, particularly a multi-state antitrust lawsuit against Google.

He also revealed that Paxton’s house, like the households of hundreds of thousands of other Texans, suffered a power outage, but outlined that the state’s AG did not leave Texas “until after power had returned to most of the state, including his own home.”

Last week, reportedly on the day he met with Reyes, Paxton took to Twitter to slam ERCOT and energy companies for “jacking up” prices for electricity.

​While it remains unclear whether the Paxtons have returned to Texas, they mark the third time a state political figure has appeared to flee the Lone Star state as it deals with the aftereffects of a deadly winter nightmare. Earlier, State Rep. Gary Gates flew to Florida, claiming family reasons, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Another wave of criticism over the move to travel out of the disaster-stricken state hit Republican state Senator Ted Cruz, who was revealed to have flown to Cancun, Mexico, last week. When the photos of the senator registering for his flight to Mexico emerged online, Cruz faced intense backlash, crowned with a hashtag “#TedFled”.

After the massive denouncement, the Senator said that his trip to Cancun was “obviously a mistake”. 

Soon after the news of his trip emerged, Cruz returned to Texas, only to meet protesters near his house demanding his resignation.

Last week’s blizzard that engulfed the central US regions affected Texas severely, leaving millions of residents without electricity and damaging the water infrastructure system. Over the weekend, US President Joe Biden declared a disaster emergency in the Lone Star state.

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Texas AG, His Wife Travelled to Utah as Winter Storm Raged in Lone Star State

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