Cryptocurrency Goes Big in Japan: All You Have to Do Is Watch Anime


Despite the high risks associated with digital currencies, including recent hacking attacks, Tokyo has apparently embarked on the path to become the cryptocurrency capital of the world.

In a bid to deliver Japan’s subculture to the rest of the world, Tokyo Otaku Mode, a company dealing in anime, manga, games and fashion, has designed a virtual currency using blockchain technology. The digital currency, dubbed “Otaku Coin,” aims to connect anime fans to the creators of Japanese content, thus offering consumers a chance to support the anime industry.

So, how do you earn these coins? The company promises that gaining Otaku Coin is easy, because people do not have to do anything extraordinary; fans will do what they regularly do: watch anime, share content, or write reviews.

Otaku Coin is expected to be launched in summer 2018, and due to its bold aim to preserve the anime community, it has already received much support from some outstanding figures in the industry, such as Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus Rift, Christopher Macdonald, CEO of Anime News Network and popular Japanese YouTuber Kizuna Ai.


Cryptocurrency Goes Big in Japan: All You Have to Do Is Watch Anime

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