‘Secret Tunnels’ Beneath the Sphinx Stir Hopes for ‘Undiscovered Treasures’, Media Says


'Secret Tunnels' Beneath the Sphinx Stir Hopes for 'Undiscovered Treasures', Media Says

While some scholars reportedly remain hopeful that the tunnels beneath the famous monument might lead to some new treasures, Dr Zawi Hawass is apparently not convinced that anything of value can be found there.

The famous ancient Egyptian monument known as the Great Sphinx of Giza may still harbor some previously undiscovered secrets beneath it, the Daily Express reports.

Previously, prominent Egyptologist and Egypt’s former Minister of State for Antiquities Dr Zahi Hawass reportedly confirmed the presence of three tunnels underneath the Sphinx, and last year he undertook excavations that “rediscovered the access tunnels to several large, apparently natural, caves” located directly beneath the monument.

And according to the newspaper, historian Bethany Hughes revealed in her Channel 5 show “Egypt’s Greatest Treasures” how archaeologists continue to investigate “under the statue because there are tantalising clues that the Sphinx sits right on top of a network of chambers and tunnels”.

Hughes also went on to describe the Sphinx as a “monumental guard dog, watching over the Pharaoh’s tomb” and “the guardian of ancient Egypt’s secret”.

Dr Hawass, however, reportedly said that he doesn’t think that anything of value will be found there.

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‘Secret Tunnels’ Beneath the Sphinx Stir Hopes for ‘Undiscovered Treasures’, Media Says

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