Maryland governor announces he has ‘non-serious skin cancer’


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who says he remains in remission from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, announced Thursday he has been diagnosed with “very non-serious skin cancer.”

Hogan had some skin removed last month from his forehead as part of regular trips he makes to the dermatologist. The governor said it turned out to be basal-cell and squamous-cell skin cancer, but not melanoma, which is a serious form of skin cancer.

“I had a couple of things taken off of my forehead. They did turn out to be a very non-serious skin cancer,” Hogan said at a news conference. He added he is scheduled to have a medical procedure Saturday, but won’t miss a day of work.

Dr. Beth Diamond, Hogan’s dermatologist, wrote in a letter released by the governor’s office that Hogan will be treated at her office and that his skin cancer has “an extremely high cure rate and a very low likelihood of recurrence.”

“I do not expect the Governor to have any long term consequences from these skin cancers,” Diamond wrote.

In June 2015, Hogan was diagnosed with B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, five months into his term. He said the skin cancer was “totally unrelated to the other cancer.”

“Every 90 days, I do a full body PET scan, and I am completely done with that previous cancer, which was a serious one,” Hogan said. “There are no signs of that returning whatsoever — still 100 percent in remission, cancer free.”

The governor said he called the news conference Thursday to be transparent about his health.

“I’ll have a couple of Band-Aids up there, so before you went into speculation about, you know, what the other guy looks like, I wanted to tell you that that’s what I’m going through. It’s basically sun damage, and it’s the output of many years of not protecting myself with sunscreen,” Hogan said.

In his younger years, he noted, he had worked as a lifeguard for six years in Florida.


Maryland governor announces he has ‘non-serious skin cancer’

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