Israeli Hackers Find Way to Break Into Any iPhone


Israeli Hackers Find Way to Break Into Any iPhone

You can run and you can hide, but you can’t escape the hackers who can access any information on an Apple device.

Israeli company Cellebrite has announced that it can access any data on an Apple smartphone, Forbes reported.

According to the hackers, they managed to bypass the protection of devices running on iOS 11 and earlier versions of the operating system. 

The company has not disclosed its methods of hacking; however, Cellebrite marketing documents indicate that employees of the company can access blocked iPhones, iPads, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPod Touch.

It was also reported that the company’s experts managed to hack the newest iPhone X in November 2017 for the US Department of Homeland Security. 

In addition, according to the publication, US police have also appealed to Cellebrite to unlock iPhone 8.

According to Forbes, Israeli experts in the field of cyber security have recently been counted as one of the main government contractors in the United States. 

Law enforcement agencies often turn to experts to unlock smartphones of suspected criminals before forensic examination. 

According to the publication, such a service can be purchased from Cellebrite for $1,500.


Israeli Hackers Find Way to Break Into Any iPhone

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