Better Run! Perfectly Real ‘The Ring’ Zombie Girl Is Here After You (VIDEO)


Better Run! Perfectly Real 'The Ring' Zombie Girl Is Here After You (VIDEO)

Augmented reality has made it possible for a computer developer to make the dead girl from ‘The Ring’ crawl out of a TV set, making one’s hair stand on end.

Savvy programmer Abhishek Singh has made the iconic movie scene reality by means of Apple’s ARKit mobile application.

In a video that Singh posted on his YouTube channel on Wednesday, Samara, the murdered girl in the film, slowly moves on the screen as part of the movie and then, after a very brief interruption, stretches her arms and legs out of the TV and continues walking, but toward the programmer, with her jet black hair covering her face.

The perfectly realistic simulation, which even features a shadow, cast behind the heroine, was arrived at through Unity, an augmented reality developer program, as well as ARKit.

Another developer, Mike Woods, conducted a similar experiment last year, also by making use of the ARKit app. He even said at the time that he showed his kids the terrifyingly realistic simulated scene. 

Apple launched its ARKit application last September in the run-up to its annual iPhone event, where it also unveiled the 10th anniversary iPhone X. 

As opposed to virtual reality, which absorbs users into a fantasized world, augmented reality technology, vice versa, enables developers to incorporate animated images, from movies, books or video games, into real-life settings and scenarios.


Better Run! Perfectly Real ‘The Ring’ Zombie Girl Is Here After You (VIDEO)

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