February 20, 2018, 22:19

US Rejected Russia-Proposed Consultations on Afghanistan – Moscow

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry's Second Asian Department told Sputnik that the US had rejected Russia's proposal to hold consultations on Afghanistan.MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia has proposed the United States to hold consultations on Afghanistan-related...

Shutdown over: What it means now

The bipartisan budget deal resolves a lot of big outstanding issues:-- It boosts defense and nondefense spending by more than $300 billion, ending the strict "sequester caps" imposed in 2011 to reduce the deficit....

Israel Backs Kurds’ Aspiration for Independence – Netanyahu

According to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel supports the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to achieve their own state while considering the Kurdistan Workers' Party a terrorist group. An independence referendum is slated for September...