The Tver Carriage-Building Plant (a part of Transmashholding) has delivered the final batch of passenger wagons to the Tulpar-Talgo Passenger Coach Manufacturing Plant in Kazakhstan, increasing the total number of cars delivered by 100.

The delivery includes 42 non-compartment and eight compartment coach sets. The Tulpar Manufacturing Plant will undertake the final assembly at its production facilities. 50 more wagon sets were shipped to Kazakhstan in summer 2020.

The assembled cars are designed to move at a speed of up to 160 km/h with an average lifespan of 40 years and are made of safe, fireproof materials, featuring smoke detectors along with a fire suppression system that uses an onboard water supply. The rolling stock is equipped with a data accumulation and transfer system, as well as a train-line and coach-line system for monitoring, diagnostics, and control.

The coaches feature air conditioning, Wi-Fi routers, USB power outlets, and eco-friendly toilets. The air conditioning features an air and water decontamination system that uses high-powered ultraviolet lamps, which are broadly used in healthcare facilities. If any particle of bacteria or virus is propelled into the system, it is no longer harmful for passengers. Each system can decontaminate 2,500 cubic metres of air per hour. The system’s efficiency has been verified by the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Hygiene.

These coaches have a good track record in Russia as well as in other countries. TMH has supplied over 200 coach sets to Kazakhstan since 2019.

TMH’s Tver Carriage Works is the only manufacturer of passenger coaches in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States specialising in manufacturing locomotive-hauled coaches. Its coaches run on railway tracks in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Mongolia, and Egypt. The trains made up of the coaches connect cities in Russia and Europe, including Helsinki, Niece, Sofia, Belgrade, Warsaw, and many others. 


TMH Completes Annual Plan for Deliveries of Carriage Sets to Kazakhstan

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