Bitcoin Hits $27,000 Setting Yet Another All-Time Record


The cryptocurrency is on a rising tide this December, as it easily surpassed its previous record, set in 2017, gaining over $7,000, and showing stable growth amid the weakening of the US dollar.

Bitcoin set a new all-time record as it surpassed the $27,000 mark, according to trading data. On Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Bitcoin was trading at $27,215, as of 06:01 GMT on Sunday.

According to CoinMarketCap, an aggregator that compiles data from more than 20 brokers, Bitcoin was trading at $27,232 as of 09:05 GMT, a 9.85 percent increase over the preceding 24 hours.

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Bitcoin was launched in 2009, as the first cryptocurrency to use a decentralised blockchain-based network, which allows secure peer-to-peer transactions. Its value is based on a “mining” process, and the currency is not subject to any central bank policies or regulations.

At the moment, Bitcoin accounts for approximately 65.6 percent of the world’s cryptocurrency market.


Bitcoin Hits $27,000 Setting Yet Another All-Time Record

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