Syrian Air Defences Repel 'Israeli Aggression' in the Vicinity of Damascus - SANA

According to Syrian state-run media, the country suffers from regular aerial bombing conducted by Israel. Tel Aviv does not comment on these airstrikes, while high-ranking Israeli officials have claimed that they carry out many military operations in Syria aimed at paramilitary groups that are, as Israel claims, backed by Iran.

Syrian air defense systems intercepted “Israeli aggression” over the country’s capital of Damascus early in the morning on Monday, according to Syrian state outlet SANA.

The missiles were claimed to have been launched from Golan Heights and targeted a number of objects in the vicinity of Damascus. Most of the missiles were said to have been downed by Syrian defense systems.

Initial SANA reports suggested that strong explosions were heard in the western suburbs of Damascus.

The media gave no further details on casualties or damage in the latest attack.

Earlier, senior aide to the Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Asghar Khaji, warned Tel Aviv against crossing “red lines” in Syria, describing Israeli military actions as “aggressive and hostile towards the region, the Palestinians, and neighboring countries”.

During recent months, Israel has reportedly been attacking Syrian southern border territories alongside Damascus suburbs, where Iranian-backed troops are said to be deployed. Tel Aviv has not officially taken responsibility for the airstrikes.


Syrian Air Defences Repel ‘Israeli Aggression’ in the Vicinity of Damascus – SANA

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