Photo: Michigan Republican Party Says Its Building Vandalised With 'Radical Anti-Police Statements'

A movement calling to “defund the police” seeks to reduce the amount of financing for law enforcement and for the dismantling of police departments amid nationwide protests against racism and police brutality, sparked by the death of George Floyd in the United States.

The Michigan Republican Party said its headquarters in the city of Lansing was vandalised with “radical anti-police statements”, posting photos of graffiti on the walls of the buildings that say “f**k police”, “f**k you”, “abolish the police” and more.

A party tweet stated that “we will not be intimidated”, promising to continue to work so that the incumbent US President Donald Trump is re-elected.

​While the party said that it filed a report with the Lansing Police Department, it is not known who is responsible for defacing the building. 

According to a party statement, one of the tags said “f**k ICE” referring to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency where the state’s GOP chair, Laura Cox, was employed as an agent. 

Cox, commenting on the situation, called the vandalism “emblematic of the chaos sweeping through our nation’s Democrat-run cities”.

Michigan is considered a swing state in the upcoming US presidential election, as Republicans and the incumbent US president, Donald Trump, characterize “the Radical Left” for supporting the defunding of police in favor of added social services to residents.

Trump has suggested that his political rival, Joe Biden, is also a member of the so-called Radical Left, although the Democratic candidate has stated that he supports the police.

Calls to shift funding away from US police departments have come from some activists involved in protests against police brutality and racism that have spanned the United States for months following the killing of George Floyd while in police custody in late May.


Photo: Michigan Republican Party Says Its Building Vandalised With ‘Radical Anti-Police Statements’

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