New VIDEOS Show Purported Attack on Su-25, Jihadi Who Claims to Have Downed It

Two new videos have surfaced online, one allegedly showing jihadist militants firing on what is thought to be the Russian Su-25 strike fighter that was downed over Syria on February 3. The other shows...

Tombe La Neige: Paris Besieged by Blizzard (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

In the next few days, freezing temperatures will show no signs of ceasing in France; Paris traffic has been disrupted due to a heavy snowfall, according to meteorologists.Bad weather conditions have prompted the closure...

‘Incompatible With Our Values’: Denmark Devises Burqa Ban

If adopted, defying the ban on face-covering headwear, which is expected to include Islamic burqas and niqabs but exclude Halloween masks and fancy costumes, may result in up to $1,670 in fines.The Danish government...