Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Virginia Giuffre Reportedly Kept Journal Detailing Sexual Abuse

Virgina Roberts Giuffre is one of the most prominent and outspoken survivors of the global sex trafficking ring operated by deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. She was recruited by socialite Ghislaine Maxwell when she was 17 and was then groomed to provide sexual services under the guise of acting as a massage therapist.

One of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s main accusers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, testified that she kept a personal journal detailing her experience of being trafficked by the couple, but has since burned it, according to the Washington Times. 

Giuffre filed a now-settled defamation case in 2015, accusing billionaire Epstein and his former lover Maxwell of sexual abuse. The judge in the case has since released a number of documents in the US District Court in Manhattan, including Giuffre’s 2016, 347-page deposition. 

Giuffre said that she was recruited in 2000 by Maxwell, while working as a spa attendant at current US President Donald Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago residence, to be a “sexual servant” for Epstein and was then sexually trafficked around the world by the couple.

Giuffre, now 36, testified that she was forced to have sex with a number of influential men, including Prince Andrew, Epstein’s former lawyer Alan Dershowitz, former US ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson, and former Sen. George Mitchell. All of the accused have denied the testimony.

Clinton, who took almost 30 flights in Epstein’s private jet, has repeatedly denied that he visited the island. A Netflix documentary about Epstein featured a maintenance worker claiming that he had seen the former US president there. 

UK royal Prince Andrew acknowledged his friendship with the convicted paedophile but denies ever meeting Giuffre although photographs show the two together. The Queen of England’s youngest son has come under fire since papers from Giuffre’s 2015 case were released this week. 

They also reveal that Epstein manipulated an underage girl into having sex with Prince Andrew in order for the former to gain incriminating material against the latter. The papers name the underage girl as Jane Doe #3 but it is unclear whether this refers to Giuffre.

Epstein was an American financier, socialite and convicted sex offender who committed suicide in prison in New York last year, while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Maxwell, his former lover, was arrested on 2 July at her New Hampshire home on charges of involvement in trafficking underage girls for Epstein and his guests to sexually abuse. She has denied the charges and is currently awaiting trial in a New York prison. 


Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Virginia Giuffre Reportedly Kept Journal Detailing Sexual Abuse

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