Indian Couple Held for Beheading 3 Months Old Infant to Get Rid of Curse


A husband and wife were allegedly suggested by a Godman to sacrifice a girl child on the night of the blue moon in order to please the demons that had been keeping the wife unwell for the last many years.

New Delhi (Sputnik) – A couple in India’s southern state of Telangana has been arrested on charges of mercilessly beheading an infant they had kidnapped from the roadside. According to the police, the spine-chilling incident came to light when the severed head of the three-month-old victim was found at the rooftop of a house belonging to Rajashekar, 40, and his wife Srilatha, 35.

“In the beginning, they feigned innocence. But scientific analysis of CCTV footage and mobile calls coupled with circumstantial evidence confirmed that it was a case of human sacrifice,” Mahesh M Bhagwat, Rachakonda Police Commissioner said at a press conference. 

Upon investigations, the couple allegedly confessed to having hatched the conspiracy of kidnapping a child and sacrificing it to the demons for getting rid of a curse that had kept Srilatha unwell for many years. They said a tribal Godman from Medaram had suggested them to sacrifice a girl child, according to the police.

The couple was arrested after detailed analysis of call records of 122 mobile phones and footage from more than 100 CCTV cameras. Police said they interrogated 45 suspects before zeroing in on the couple.

Last year in July, a similar story of human sacrifice in the central state of Madhya Pradesh had sent shock waves across India. The two-year-old victim was allegedly beheaded by a man yearning for a boy child who was suggested by a Godman to perform human sacrifice in order to have his wish fulfilled.

Indian Couple Held for Beheading 3 Months Old Infant to Get Rid of Curse

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