Final Document From Berlin Talks on Libya Asserts Oil Belongs to All Libyans - Lavrov

BERLIN (Sputnik) – The final document agreed at the Berlin conference on Libya on Sunday contains a clause stating that all Libyan people are entitled to the country’s energy resources, Russia’s acting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

“There is a section on the political process, on how to solve Libya’s economic problems, taking into account the fact that all Libyan parties – professional, military, political groups should have access to natural resources,” Lavrov told reporters at the press conference, following talks in the German capital.

Russia’s acting foreign minister noted that the final document, adopted on Sunday by the Libyan conference participants in Berlin, is a detailed guidance on how to overcome the crisis in Libya, including provisions for ensuring a sustainable ceasefire.

According to the diplomat, despite the gap between the Libyan rivals, the adopted document could foster reconciliation.

The fact that the Libyan rival representatives were at all present at talks in Berlin was due to Russia’s effort, Lavrov noted.

Military Committee

Lavrov highlighted that the newly-created military committee to resolve the Libyan conflict will seek a lasting ceasefire in Libya with UN assistance.

“The newly created military committee consisting of five representatives from [GNA’s Fayez] Sarraj and [LNA’s Khalifa] Haftar, will be engaged in the development of concrete confidence-building measures that will make the ceasefire lasting under UN supervision,” the diplomat added.


Final Document From Berlin Talks on Libya Asserts Oil Belongs to All Libyans – Lavrov

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