'Brainwashed': Actress Sana Khan Viciously Trolled for Marrying Mufti Anas After Quitting Bollywood

Sana Khan, who shot to fame with her stunning performances in the movie “Jai Ho” and the TV show “Bigg Boss”, took the internet by storm on 8 October when she quit showbiz, citing religious reasons. She also had a big fall-out with her boyfriend, dancer Melvin Louis in February, whom she had accused of cheating on her and domestic violence.

Sana Khan, who was once one of the hottest actresses in Bollywood and on Indian television, surprised her fans yesterday by revealing her marriage to Gujarat-based Mufti Anas. The couple tied the knot on 20 November in an intimate ceremony.

In a viral video of her wedding, she can be seen wearing a white gown with a hijab and holding hands with Mufti Anas, who donned a white kurta pyjama paired with a sleeveless jacket. They walked down the stairs, sat next to each other and cut the wedding cake in the presence of their family members.

While many celebs and netizens offered congratulatory wishes for their wedding, some Twitterians didn’t mince words, trolling them severely.

One netizen wrote, “She dreamt of marrying Salman Khan but married a skeleton whose total weight is lesser than the weight of Sana Khan’s gown (sic),” while another wondered, “Has she been brainwashed?”

Another social media user took a jab at them, saying “Wearing a catholic wedding gown and cutting cake and marrying a maulvi (Islamic scholar). I wish them a happy married life, but I can see the future drama from here onwards.”

Many tweeple came forward in Sana’s support and slammed the trolls for their ‘hypocritical’ views and making nasty comments, leaving netizens divided.

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‘Brainwashed’: Actress Sana Khan Viciously Trolled for Marrying Mufti Anas After Quitting Bollywood

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