Author of Melania Trump's Unofficial Biography Lays Bare US First Lady's 'Secrets'

It turns out that no one except for Melania’s family knew anything about the FLOTUS’ past prior to her meeting Donald Trump as she “simply made it disappear”, the author reportedly said.

It seems that the wife of the current US President Donald Trump, Melania, has a fair share of secrets related to her past, according to a phone interview Mary Jordan, author of a recently released book about the FLOTUS, gave Haaretz’s Yossi Melman.

As Jordan explained, she wrote the book in question, “The Art of Her Deal”, in order to discover who Melania really is.

Jordan’s book further claims that Melania never actually completed her degree in architectural studies and, instead of five languages, only speaks Slovenian and “heavily accented English”.

She also pointed at alleged similarities between Melania and her husband, musing about how “he refuses to reveal his tax returns and she compartmentalized her past and never talked about it”.

And while Donald and Melania apparently do not spend as much time together as other couples, they aren’t particularly bothered by it due to being “happy to be separated”, the author remarked.


Author of Melania Trump’s Unofficial Biography Lays Bare US First Lady’s ‘Secrets’

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