Anti-Lockdown Protesters Hold 'Silent March' in Berlin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has justified the restrictive measures, describing them as necessary to curb the spread of the COVID-19 infection and prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

Sputnik comes live from Berlin, Germany, where people are gathering for a “silent march” against the coronavirus restrictions. 

Last month, Germany saw a record surge in cases and entered a month-long lockdown on 2 November, with bars and restaurants limited to takeaway service, and the closure of theatres, cinemas and public recreation centres such as swimming pools, gyms and saunas.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said such measures were necessary to reduce the spread of infection and to prevent the healthcare system from being swamped. 

As of 22 November, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Germany stood at 902,528, with 13,884 deaths, according to the World Health Organisation. 


Anti-Lockdown Protesters Hold ‘Silent March’ in Berlin

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