US Scientists Roll Out Human Meat Eating Concept That Is 'Technically Not Cannibalism'

Innovators behind the “Ouroboros Steak” offer those concerned about consuming animal meat to try the lizard lifestyle of consuming your own flesh. However, new technologies would allow it to be done much less violently.

A team of scientists in the US has developed a DIY-meal kit branded “Ouroboros” which allows a consumer to grow edible meat from their own human cells, in an attempt to question the ethics of eating meat of any kind.

According to Ourochef Inc – the entity behind the brand – they will provide “everything you need to create cultivated food at home from your own cells”, including nutrients for growing healthy cells, scaffolds to make delicious textures and all the required kitchen consumables, tools and appliances one may need to produce food from – not for – oneself.

Commenting on whether the process could be considered a form of cannibalism, industrial designer Grace Knight, a project co-founder, says that it is, technically, not.

According to the development team, the project is primarily intended to be thought-provoking, not a promotion of “eating ourselves”.

So-called human steaks are named after the ancient mythical creature Ouroboros – a snake eating its own tail, representing the eternal cycle of death and rebirth. As most humans do not have tails, cells for the steaks would be taken from the inside of one’s cheek and then provided serum derived from expired, donated blood.


US Scientists Roll Out Human Meat Eating Concept That Is ‘Technically Not Cannibalism’

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