US President Donald Trump to Look at TikTok Deal With Oracle

Trump said earlier that the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok would be banned by 15 September if the company not acquired by a US entity, prompting the Chinese parent company Byte Dance to sue the administration in US court.

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he will look at TikTok’s deal with the US software company Oracle.

The Trump administration earlier approved Oracle as a “trusted technology provider” in the United States for Chinese app TikTok, media reported, though the exact nature of the deal still remains unclear.

Oracle beat Microsoft Corp in a high-profile deal to salvage the Chinese app. Bill Gates’ tech giant had been negotiating to buy TikTok’s operation not only in the US, but also in Australi, Canada, and New Zealand and had discussed a potential deal with the Trump Administration.

The administration has stepped against the popular Chinese app citing security concerns it allegedly poses for the American users. TikTok has said that it is safe and does not share data with the Chinese government, while Beijing has called on Washington to stop using government mechanisms to pressure Chinese companies.


US President Donald Trump to Look at TikTok Deal With Oracle

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