US Army Officer’s Journal May Shed Light on ‘Roswell UFO Crash’, Ex-CIA Operative Tells Media


US Army Officer’s Journal May Shed Light on 'Roswell UFO Crash', Ex-CIA Operative Tells Media

The journal in question may also reportedly contain some sort of hidden messages as its author, a trained army intelligence officer, apparently had the skills necessary to write in code.

A former CIA operative named Ben Smith has opened up about a particular item which may shed light on probably one of the most famous conspiracy theories out there, the alleged UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, The Sun reports.

According to the newspaper, Smith, who has been “working with geologists, handwriting experts, code-crackers and ufologists” for a new documentary called “Roswell: The First Witness”, spoke about a journal penned by a US Army officer who was first on the scene of the alleged crash.

The journal in question was reportedly written by Major Jesse A. Marcel, a former intelligence officer who was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field at the time of the incident, and who was sent to investigate the debris whose discovery was reported by a local rancher.

But while the US military later announced that what they’d discovered in the desert was merely a weather balloon, rather than some kind of “flying disc”, in the 1970s Marcel claimed that “photos with him and the debris was staged for the press as part of an elaborate plan to dupe the press and the public”, as the newspaper put it, and that the real debris was allegedly whisked away by the US Army.

The officer also allegedly told his family that what he discovered at the site was “not made by human hands”, and that he was pressured by the US government to deny seeing evidence of a UFO.

He also suggested that the document “has lots of room for code or hidden message or some kind of memory jogging device”, as Marcel, an army intelligence officer, likely had the skills needed to write in code.


US Army Officer’s Journal May Shed Light on ‘Roswell UFO Crash’, Ex-CIA Operative Tells Media

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