Russian Scientists Find New Way to Treat COVID-19

Researchers at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI have created an LED installation to safely treat serious diseases, including COVID-19, the university’s press service said.

The installation, created by graduate students at MEPhI’s Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine, Artem Shabanov, Denis Glechik and Alexei Nekhoroshev, is based on the photodynamic method, where the body’s large surfaces are irradiated with red spectrum light. The method was previously developed at the institute to diagnose and treat tumours, Victor Loshchenov, head of Department of Laser Micro-, Nano- and Biotechnologies at MEPhI, said.

According to Loshchenov, until today there has been no installation that would allow irradiation with sufficient power and energy density without harming the patient. The existing systems had a power of 1.5 W, but this was not enough: it was necessary to increase the power by almost 10 times, at least to 12 W.

He said that more than 40 COVID-19 patients have received the new treatment. Right after irradiation, the patients showed an increase in oxygen saturation, the pain in the lungs disappeared, and their sense of smell returned. This group of patients recovered much quicker than those patients who didn’t receive radiation. 

He added that today, hundreds of high-tech medical devices developed in the laboratory of GPI, where the Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine is located, and where lectures and practical classes are held, have been installed in Russian medical institutions. At the same time, there is an acute shortage of specialists who would be able to use all their capabilities in their work.


Russian Scientists Find New Way to Treat COVID-19

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