Is ‘Black Mirror’ Reality Almost Here? Sex Robot Manufacturers Reveal What to Expect in 2020s

Although the sex doll industry made a giant leap in the 2010s thanks to tech advances and the implementation of artificial intelligence tools, the next decade promises to take sex robots to a new level, key manufacturers suggest.

Sex robots, some of which can already respond to human touch with the help of sensors or engage in a simple conversation, will become even more sophisticated and unrecognisable to humans in just five years, RealDoll founder Matt McMullen told The Daily Star.

According to him, by 2025 the dolls might be so realistic that a person would be unable to discern that it is a creation of a human until they are mid-way through a conversation. His company is already making such life-size toys more similar to humans, installing face recognition tech. This would enable robots to differentiate an owner in a crowd. AI tech opens a big playing field for the industry, he suggested. Although “that’s a little bit further out”, as he put it, he pointed out that “the engineering side and the artistic side will come a long way in the next 10 years”.

McMullen told the outlet that the dolls’ appearance is also going to “drastically improve” within five to 10 years.
Louie Love, the founder of another “big boy” on the sex doll market – Silicone Lovers, insists that their new designs are already so human-like in terms of “looks” that it is “quite easy to mistake the dolls for humans”.

However, according to Love, “it may well be many decades not years as many wish” for sex robots to reach this level.
AI expert Dr David Levy, in his turn, expects personalities to be able to be uploaded to robots in the near future, branding human-computer conversation “one of the biggest if not the biggest unsolved problems of AI”.


Is ‘Black Mirror’ Reality Almost Here? Sex Robot Manufacturers Reveal What to Expect in 2020s

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