Facebook Launches New Office in Barcelona to Combat Fake News – Reports

MADRID (Sputnik) - Facebook chose Barcelona's Torre Glories, formerly known as Agbar Tower, as a location for its new regional office for fighting fake news on the social platform, local media reported on Monday.According...

Mystery of Three-Fingered Peruvian Mummies: ETs or Humans?

A team of St. Petersburg geneticists have brought tissue samples of the alien creature with an elongated skull and only three fingers and toes, to Russia to try to break its genome.The mysterious mummy...

Google Trends Can Predict Syphilis Outbreaks, Researchers Find

As infection rates for syphilis continue to rise, health researchers are turning to Google trends to predict the next major outbreak.Infections rates for the sexually transmitted disease (STD) plummeted to a historic low in 2000. However, the...