Trevor Noah: Scott Pruitt really should 'think bigger' when it comes to scandals

“Nobody in Washington has been as consistently caught up in scandal as EPA chief Scott Pruitt, and, surprisingly, his scandals haven’t come from him working to destroy the environment,” Noah said. “No, no, no — they’ve come from his little side hustles.

“Normally, when you find out about corruption in D.C., it’s the kind that makes you mad — ‘Millions in bribes?!’ — but with every new Pruitt revelation, every time, you just go, ‘Wait … what?'”

The host of “The Daily Show” then played news clips discussing how Pruitt attempted to get his wife a Chick-fil-A franchise.

(MORE: ‘We love Chick-fil-A’: Pruitt responds to report he tried to get franchise for wife)

“Just think about this for a second,” Noah continued. “You’re the head of a major government agency with influence over some of the biggest corporations in the world, and you decide to abuse your position … to get your wife a chicken store?

“My man, focus! You have all that power! You’ve got to think bigger? It’s like he’s Thanos and using the Infinity Gauntlet to cut the line at Disney World.”


Trevor Noah: Scott Pruitt really should ‘think bigger’ when it comes to scandals

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