According to a report, a major concern from the Chinese firms companies is that Britain’s biggest chip designer could restrict access of its architecture to mainland businesses.

Huawei Technologies has voiced concerns to mainland regulators along with numerous Chinese tech companies about US firm Nvidia Corp’s potential buyout of British chip designer Arm, Bloomberg News reported on Thursday.

The State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) was urged by the Chinese firms to reject the deal or impose guarantees Arm will not restrict access to its technologies, sources familiar with the matter said in the report.

The news comes a month after Nvidia announced it would buy the British company for $40bn, allowing the US tech giant control of a key supplier of components. But despite this, the deal requires approval from London, Washington and Beijing.

Similar concerns were voiced amid talks between US semiconductor firms AMD Inc and Xilinx Inc, with the deal valued at $30bn.

China is set to pass several key countermeasures against US president Donald Trump and his administration, it was found.

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee will pass its Export Control Law restricting sensitive exports on a list deemed essential to national security, reports revealed.

Chinese officials are expected to investigate Google Inc after Huawei requested the move due to the California-based firm blocking the company from accessing its software and updates under orders from Washington.

Tensions between the US and China skyrocketed in May this year after the former targeted numerous Chinese tech companies, including Huawei Technologies, ZTE, TikTok owner ByteDance, WeChat’s Tencent and mainland chipmaker SMIC with measures to restrict access to key technologies as well as business with US firms, citing national security concerns.


Huawei to Join Forces With Chinese Tech Companies to Limit Nvidia-ARM Buyout Deal Amid US Trade War

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