BEIJING (Sputnik) – Beijing is dissatisfied with the US decision to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminum foil imports, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said Wednesday.

“The US side is still disregarding the World Trade Organization’s regulations, the United States has seriously damaged the interests of Chinese exporters of aluminum foil. The Chinese side is extremely dissatisfied with this,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce added that the United States was basing the conclusions of its anti-dumping investigation on US law and failed to treat China as a market economy. The US Department of Commerce said in its statement that some of the Chinese firms had benefited from government subsidies.

According to Beijing, the latest move by Washington would not help restore aluminum production in the United States and might, in fact, damage the interests of US consumers.

The US Department of Commerce had said the day before that aluminum foil from China was being sold at an unfairly low price and announced decision to levy anti-dumping duties on several Chinese aluminum exporters.


China Strongly Dissatisfied With US Anti-Dumping Duties on Chinese Aluminum Foil

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